Butterflies in Her Hair

Butterflies In Her Hair Oil Painting by Winifred Whitfield

She was married in my garden – more than15 years ago. She was lovely – in no way a “bridezilla”. I photographed her wedding and printed her each of the 50 photos chosen for her album. I would be printing her photos in black and white in my “chemical dark room”. It was the only time I ever did this but her images were stunning – I must say. Not many people want a black and white wedding album when photos were actually taken in a beautiful and colorful garden. She has very classic and sophisticated taste. Some years later I held a workshop to study studio lighting techniques and Photoshop. She was one of the models requested for the occasion. My reference image for this painting came from that photo shoot.

At one point during. this painting I took a painting tool tool and made some streaks around the edge of her head. The first one in particular resembled a butterfly. It’s on the upper right side of her head. I’m sure you can pick it out – hence the title. If this painting looks a bit different, that’s good. I’m exploring new techniques which is an ongoing effort.

I managed to get 200 bulbs planted in15 large pots yesterday. Carrying dirt and compost, lifting pots, I was in pain by the end of the day. Two Ibuprofen and an evening’s rest, I recovered. What a “bulb show” it will be in Spring. It will go dark in the Northwest in a few days. Even now the sun sets at 5:45. Soon it will be dark at 4:30. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the remaining light. Winifred

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