Mainly Foliage

Foliage and Vines Oil Painting on 9×12 Panel – by Winifred

It’s been nearly 2 years since I created both the paintings I’m sharing today. I found this painting a bit odd and it probably is, hence I hesitated to share it. But for me it has stood the test of time and I have no desire to toss it and I toss paintings pretty easily if I cannot enjoy them. In the above painting, I enjoyed the process of creating the vine foliage form, dimension, texture, color and movement. I find it interesting to view. Still, It’s a bit unusual but I think it has merit. Below, I primarily painted foliage again:

Foliage in Brass Oil Painting on 9×12 Panel – by Winifred

For some reason I think I wrongly consider foliage insufficient as painting content – though in fact there are many other elements included in this still life. It’s just the mind attempting to undermine my efforts, as it does sometimes, but I held onto this painting because in fact, I know better.

I’ve been working on a new painting from a Venice reference. It’s 16×20 which takes more effort to paint and to resolve it’s issues. Perhaps I can share it next week. Please stay safe as we navigate through this Coronavirus event.

8 thoughts on “Mainly Foliage

  1. I especially love the 2nd one. The colors are a great mix of vivid and muted.

    • I like to too Nancy. Not sure why I would think there should be flowers everywhere!! Sadly, it took awhile to figure this out. W

  2. I love the foliage paintings and how different they are from each other.

    • Thank you Ken. I’m glad I finally allowed them to come out – I really hesitated for a very long time.

  3. I love both of them .. foliage is just plain beautifully breath-taking in nature .. but I find that many artists cannot portray it well in their paintings .. you have captured the essence of it in both paintings .. they are magnificently done!!! I think the first is my favorite .. the contrasts are so vivid and real!

    Perhaps your concern stems from “their” failures? I have been thinking about that recently .. why I am excited over something I have created .. but then I compare it to other people’s work and mine suddenly feels not good enuf because it is different from theirs .. I created mine to be different .. but then forget that fact when I succeed 🙂

    Being an artist is hard work and not for the faint of heart .. hugs .. you are a MASTER .. yet constantly striving to be even better 🙂 I am really glad you shared these with us! Thank you!

    • Thanks you Barbara, I am overly critical of my work – I look for trouble rather than enjoying the process. I plan to ease up on that. Indeed, comparing your work to others is a recipe for lack of joy. Just keep doing what you do. W

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