A Bit of Cheer

A Bit of Cheer Oil Painting 9×12 Panel – by Winifred Whitfield

I decided it is a perfect time to post a cheerful floral. It’s such a strange time in out lives. This is a bit different style of painting for me, loose and simple. I think I’ll do more. One interesting side about this painting is that whereas in the painting, the vase is actually turquoise green – looking like the beautiful turquoise of the ocean in Hawaii for instance, it is not blue as shown here. I couldn’t capture the actual color with my camera where the color space is more limited – same with my computer monitor. The other colors are pretty accurate – just not the turquoise. I’m sure no one cares about this but me. SIGH! Have a great week and please stay safe. Winifred

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8 thoughts on “A Bit of Cheer

  1. Love this! Very cheerful. The colors make me happy even if the vase isn’t turquoise:)

    • Thank you Nancy. This makes me happy too. I’m going to try to achieve that more often. It’s a real bonus when it does occur. W

  2. Thank you Winifred. Your painting definitely brightens my world. Thinking of you across the waters, painting away. We are apartment bound in Paris so are happy to see your work and know that you are well and productive. Bisous

    • Hi Brenda, I think of you often. I know your life is significantly altered – whereas mine is not altered at all. I love to be in my studio painting – which included many other support activities but still inside my studio. I don’t like to shop – so I’m good! When I had my farm/gardens, I lived outside. What a change!! I hope you remain fulfilled and happy. Good time for reading and greater mastery of the language. W

  3. I love the bright colors!!! Made my evening a LOT better!!! Thank you!!! We would have never known if you did not tell us 🙂 but I understand your frustration 🙂

    • Thank you Barbara. I think I’ll just ease up on being frustrated – it doesn’t help anyway. Have a great day. W

  4. What a wonderful bouquet. Your versatility amazes me. I am always struck by your sense of color and composition. This painting is no different. I love the single defined rose. A beautiful addition to your repertoire.

    • Thank you Maria. It was only after I completed the painting that I noticed that single defined flower and was fairly amazed. It was not done with a great deal of intention but it is just perfect. It’s nice when one is just in a certain flow and makes such intuitive/thoughtless choices. I’m glad you could see and appreciate it. W

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