Hydrangeas and More

Hydrangeas in Watering Can. Oil Painting 16×16 on Panel – by Winifred Whitfield

It’s cloudy and the air is harmful to breathe in my town of Poulsbo,WA and in the entire Seattle area. I awoke to a golden cloudy sky – not a good sign. I content myself with painting pretty flowers.

We’re headed out of summer, though summer in art never ends.

14 thoughts on “Hydrangeas and More

    • Thank you Lois. The fire is not that close to me but the smoke is. The color is clearing but the air remains unhealthy. Hope you are well.

  1. I love hydrangeas. I always make sure I plant some when we get a new house. This is beautiful! I love the brilliant colors in the Sunflowers and More painting too; very sunny and bright.

    • Thank you Nancy. I don’t have my own hydrangeas at the moment, so I use my neighbors. At this condo, my space is so limited. W

  2. Your mastery of color is apparent in both of these beautiful paintings. I love the depth that comes from the transparency and the way your choice of definition focuses the eye. These are marvelous paintings in every way. I so enjoy seeing what you do.

    • Thank you Maria. I’m enjoying the ongoing development of techniques and practices. It’s fun. W

  3. Gorgeous as ever!! We too are in the “dark” with thick smoke covering the entire island. I am working on files in my computer of flowers I photographed all summer. The computer work is not nearly as much fun as the process of capture but it is amazing what can be done! 🙂

    • I don’t care for this unhealthy air were breathing. I need a mask on top of a mask!! I bet you do have lots of floral images. Please send me something you’ve added your enhancement to. I’d love to see it. Winifred

  4. Winifred, I love Hydrangeas. They seem like wise, old plants to me. They are probably the first flower I remember growing up in South Florida. My grandmother adored them, along with camelias and gardenias.
    Your use of color is delightful! So many flavors. Did you have that many sample colors to paint from or did you use your creative imagination?

    • I have many childhood memories of hydrangeas as well. They bloom and then last all summer. This painting was inspired by silk flowers. The next one will be from real flowers. The colors, however are always altered a bit – no matter what. W

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