The Beginning of Fall Color

Hydrangeas in Fall Oil Painting 16×20 – by Winifred Whitfield

I cut these hydrangeas from a large bush last week in a friends yard in Seattle. The flower heads were huge and most were beginning to dry on the bush. Hydrangeas turn many beautiful colors in fall. I didn’t try to capture that color exactly, instead opting for the blues, purples and reds of early summer – mainly because I already had the several gradients of paint colors mixed that I need for blues, purples, greens and reds. I’ll do the other colors some other time.

Believe it or not, I still have more to do on my mom’s portrait. I saw a problem with her nose and I need to correct it. Overtime, something new might reveal itself to me, and I’ll keep making the corrections until I feel it’s all done. Have a wonderful week.

Another black man was killed in May around the same time as the George Floyd killing. The police lied, said death was due to a drug overdose. Now the video and documents reveal a major cover up by the entire police department and I believe the District Attorney as well. He had been suffocated. I want this to end.

I’ll miss Ruth Bader Ginsburg – a great lady – a great Supreme Court Judge.

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14 thoughts on “The Beginning of Fall Color

  1. Fabulous. The purples are stunning and I adore the vase. The golden background is exquisite with the purple hues. I love the translucent nature of the painting that brings such softness to the flowers. It is a lovely painting.

    • Thank you Maria. I love the variety of purple hues also, and the golds. Sometimes things work very well – other times – you know! And the vase – I notice you do pay lots of attention to vases. They are actually a big part of the over all. I considered painting a design on it but decided that with everything else going on, the eyes needed a place to rest.I have a few brushstrokes I want to add. it’s the kind of thing that always happens. Winifred

  2. I love the hydrangeas Winifred. I consider them a thank you bouquet to Ruth Bader Ginsberg for her dedication to gender equality, a tribute to the black men and women killed by police brutality and a nod to the arrival of fall. Bisous and love to you.

    • Indeed she was. She did quite a lot with her life and fought to stay with us f and to remain relevant or as long as she could. Winifred

  3. Winifred, this is a lovely uplifting painting. Hydrangeas grow beautifully in Long Beach, NY and they keep their color for so long. I have added quite a few plants to my garden, even though they are not native plants.

    I am sorry we loss such a great member of the Supreme Court and how quickly her death became a major political fight.

    I hope that VP Kamala Harris and whomever is the next U.S Attorney General will work with police departments across the country to stop the killing of innocent black men and women. There needs to be accountability. Too many of the police who have committed these crimes had prior issues with inappropriate force and should have been stopped when those prior issues occurred.

    • Thank you Betsy and I enjoyed creating that painting. Yes, hydrangeas are a one of the longest blooming colorful plants. In fact, I can’t think of one which blooms longer – and in such a variety of hues.

      So true about police, and so apparent about the hiring of too many people unsuitable for the police department, in addition to the fact that they are often kept or just moved to the next police department when the intent of their behavior is clear. Many of these officers appear fueled by opportunities to inflict violence which we continued to see in their behavior toward demonstrators of all colors.

      I’m ready to paint fruit again – well, I’ll paint fruit and flowers – not often done by me. There have only been two such paintings out of sooooo many paintings. I wonder why! I don’t know the answer. I love them. Winifred

  4. Hi Brenda,
    What a lovely dedication to Ruth Bader Ginsberg. She was a champion. I appreciate your comment. Hope you are enjoying your beginning of fall. Winifred

  5. I love the richness of the colors and the play of light. Another masterpiece and a lovely tribute!

    • Thank you Nancy and it shouldn’t be long now!I love painting increasingly! Winifred

  6. Such a beautiful painting, Winifred. Masterful use of color.

    I share your despair over what has been happening with black men and police. The George Floyd video changed everything — we saw someone murdered in such a casual way — right before our eyes. We can only hope the outrage it elicited will last, as will the scrutiny of arrest/restrain/killing of others.

    Sending love to you.

  7. Thank you Isabelle.

    Yes, things are bad socially, economically, politically – health wise as well. There are simply no mechanisms in place to address the disparities. Demonstrations are a start but this will not alter, the balance of power or distribution of wealth in this country. The rich get richer and all others – Black and white stagnate. There are both major racial as well as class issues. Alas!!
    Love to you as well. Winifred

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