Ray of Hope

Ray of Hope Oil Painting 12×16 by Winifred Whitfield

That’s what a friend said when she saw this painting. Perhaps she was referring to the light hitting the peony petals, but for me it has two meanings, as we hopefully we soon move toward the end of this election – and hopefully with Trump gone!

I created another peony painting this past week – below – but it no longer exist.

Three Peonies. Only digital file remains. By Winifred

I broke the panel and threw it away. I have a bit of regret, I must say. I think I should take a couple days at least before I do these impulsive things – but I won’t dwell on it. One really cannot SEE a painting clearly if it is completed in a day. One is far too close to it at that time. I couldn’t see fully the merits or the faults. It’s pretty amazing what one does see a couple days later – or perhaps a week later when you’ve moved a bit past the “touchup” and “fix it” mode. It’s a very different experience – but at the time – I felt the need to break something!! The peonies in this painting are actually pretty well done. So I will make this a rule for myself – WAIT.

Obviously flowers are my subject matter of choice. I didn’t know this would be the case when I began to paint. The fact is that flowers are colorful and joyful. Who doesn’t like to receive a bouquet of flowers! I’m painting happiness and given so many of the policies and practices in this country – I need it! Hope you’re having a good week. May MY candidates win!! Winifred

6 thoughts on “Ray of Hope

  1. Gorgeous work as always that brings a joyful smile to me to see your paintings .. and I agree that it is exactly the right title!!!

    I like the one you destroyed .. but I have been there done that back when I painted in oils so I do understand .. I try to put my sketches down away from me looking at them too much now .. then I go away from them and look at them a few days later .. plus I tell myself that it is art journaling if I do not like it well enuf 🙂 immediately or even after awhile away from it 🙂

  2. Both are beautiful but Ray of Hope is my favorite. Reminds me how I felt yesterday when the election was finally called!

    • Thank you Nancy. I concur. I felt this “ray of hope also”. Here’s hoping for some positive energy and positive change. Winifred

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