Roses Atop Decorative Box

Roses Atop Decorative Box 16×20 Oil Painting on Linen – by Winifred Whitfield

In no way did I expect to show you yet another painting of red roses. I assure you that I attempted a different painting but it just didn’t work out. This still life had been planned as next in line. It was sitting on a table waiting to be placed in my still life lighting area. I knew I would enjoy this subject matter and I did. I’ve had this box for years, having always enjoyed the colors and design. The drape behind the still life set up gave me interesting shadows and direction of light – strong elements I’d not envisioned. I love it when that happens.

It’s been a horrendous and tragic past week – but Trump is all but gone. I hope you have a great week to come as we celebrate Martin Luther King Day. Ironic to put both of those names in the same paragraph. Destruction – Peace!

WELCOME TO JOE BIDEN AND KAMALA HARRIS – our new President and Vice-President! What a mess they inherit!

6 thoughts on “Roses Atop Decorative Box

  1. Lovely painting. Perhaps just maybe, you’ll have a gallery showing I’ll plan to attend. Looking for a better Née Year and Administrator

  2. Your reds are so rich and elegant. The composition is exquisite. I love the background that gives a subtle drama to the painting. Beautiful artwork in every way.

    • Thank you Maria. I’ve been enjoying the reds – far more than I would have imagined and I like the energy. This morning, however, I thought ” I wonder if I should calm down the background a bit”, but the fact is it appears more subtle in the actual painting. W

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