Roses of Many Colors

Roses of Purple and Gold – Oil Painting 12×16 by Winifred Whitfield

I used a different color set this time. I still can’t claim that painting roses is getting easier. I could chose to paint only two or three at a time – but I don’t really want to remove the challenge – and challenge it is. Have a great weekend! Winifred

8 thoughts on “Roses of Many Colors

  1. Oh the roses, the roses are exquisite. I am sitting with my 94 year old mother in her kitchen, showing her your latest creations. She loves “ the purple one!” She had not seen a photo of you before and says to tell you that you are a most stunningly beautiful woman!

    • Thank you so much Brenda. Your mom is an inspiration to us all and I hope she continues her health and vigor for years to come. Please thank her for the generous compliment. Winifred

  2. Another lovely painting by one of my very favorite artists. Your work brings joy to a crazy world, and I’m grateful.

    • Hi Helen,
      So good to hear from you. I think of you often and hope you are doing well – and thank you. Winifred

  3. You are most assuredly meeting the challenges you are setting for yourself. The roses are fragrant and the colors fold beautifully together. I love the softness, the gentle flow of the bouquet. The flow of the white silk, or is it gauze, gives a marvelous freshness to the setting. Your foliage is equally rich. So perfect.

    • Thank you very much Maria. The roses are fragrant! Love it. The fabric is whatever you envision it to be. W

  4. Love the colors! Purple and gold are regal colors and this definitely is elegance defined. Beautiful work once again.

    • Thank you Nancy. Still working on this one. Sometimes I feel I’ve gotten it right the first time – other times, it evolves for awhile.I hope to be finished soon.

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