The Kitten and the Baby Bird

Kitten and Baby Bird Oil Painting 16×20 by Winifred Whitfield

I’ve had this kitten doorstop for so many years. I thought perhaps it might be used in a still life but I couldn’t imagine how. I haven’t had the little bird as long. It was purchased specifically to be used in a still life but it actually spent most of it’s years, hidden accidentally in a corner under one of my studio tables. Now they are both stars. It’s a painting that makes me smile. I love the expression of the kitten and the sense of connection with the adoring little bird. Anyway, that’s the way it feels to me. And yes there is platter of fruit. They’ll have no problem nibbling. Again, my drop cloth plays an important roll in the design and framing of the painting. This painting is a bit unusual. I’m OK with that. What do you think. Winifred

10 thoughts on “The Kitten and the Baby Bird

  1. I love the vibrant colors of the fruit against the grey background and the folds of the drop cloth.

    • Thank you Betsy. I’m including more BW in my paintings these days – really makes the color pop. W

  2. My first reaction was to smile – at the shy kitten and the adoring bird who appears, to me, to be inviting the kitten to partake of the lush fruit. It is a wonderful painting with its own story or could it various stories imagined by anyone who considers the scene. Once again, your colors are marvelous.

    • Thank you Maria. I think it’s filled with potential stories as well. The cat in particular has seen quite a lot! I’ll do an assessment of the painting in a couple weeks to determine what changes/corrections need to be made. W

  3. I feel very serene looking at this divine painting. I can’t help but wonder what the coy kitten is thinking while his feathered friend looks upon him with complete intrigue. Will they partake in the bountiful harvest of colorful fruits? Will they sit down and have a chat about their adventures? This painting makes my imagination run wild =) Thank you for this fun and positive piece.

    • Thank you Tanner for your amusing and creative response. As a cat owner and lover, I’m sure you could write the story and perhaps you really should. W

  4. I love this!!! The kitten and the bird almost but not quite disappear into the backdrop for me at first because the color pops so much .. but the subtle colors in the ribbon and bird breast catch my eye and surprise me .. there they are looking awesome!!! I spent awhile looking at this and smiling!!! Great job!!!

    • There is quite a bit of color but the focal point remains the kittens eye – though everyone sees and experiences things differently and that’s fine too. Thank you for your observations. Winifred

  5. Winifred,
    This pairing surprised me, pleasantly. I rarely think of the two creatures as “mutual” anything. I opened this on Easter morning to view, and thought how appropriate the cat and the bird were not painted as adversaries, but as aligned perusing the fruit.
    Always like the drop cloth effects.

    • Thank you Dee.Dee. I thought they were nice for Easter weekend – though most often they are mutually destructive – for the bird at least. Ever trying to stretch my imagination. Winifred

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