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Pink Peony Oil Painting 12×12 It’s almost time for these incredibly beautiful flowers to bloom….

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Kazakhstan Girl

Kazakhstan Girl Oil Painting 12×16 by Winifred Whitfield She was a high school senior when…

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Total Cuteness!

Baby Barn Swallows in my Barn 12×9 Oil Painting by Winifred Whitfield It was 2010…

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My Biography

Hi, my name is Winifred.

I am commissioned to provide the following services: Portraits, in oil and digitally painted, and find art paintings.

I have  closed my online STORE where I sold digital tutorials and online workshops. Essentially, I no longer teach digital art. I focus exclusively on oil painting, and I continue to create digitally enhanced portraits and other digital products for clients.

My passion is creating fine art and heirloom portraits – portraits intended to pass from generation to generation. These portraits possess a high level of emotional content and beauty. More than seeing an image, I want you to feel it. I want it to convey a story about you. Such are the images which remain with us. Such are the images we feel connected to.

Oil Paintings

With the guidance of friends a “home gallery” was created.  It’s pretty fun to live in a gallery. Eighty six paintings are currently on my walls and growing! Take a look – click here:

My days are filled with oil painting, primarily portraits and still life paintings. Click Here to access my Blog,  and scroll through to see examples of my still life and portrait paintings.  I have created many commissioned portraits and a variety of still lifes.

Examples of Oil Portraits by Winifred Whitfield



  • Master’s Degree in Urban and Region Planning – University of Southern California.
  • Master’s Degree in Social Work – University of Southern California.

PHOTOGRAPHY CERTIFICATIONS – Wedding and Portrait Photographers International

  • Accolade of Photographic Mastery
  • Accolade of Outstanding Photographic Achievement
  • Accolade of Exceptional Photographic  Achievement
  • Accolade of Lifetime Photographic Excellence (the Highest level granted by WPPI)

Workshops and Speaking Engagements

  • Winifred has conducted workshops in Canada, New York, London, England, Las Vegas, Nevada, New Jersey, Illinois, Seattle


  • Perfect Print Award ~ Northeast Photography Convention
  • Kodak Gallery Award

Print Judging 

  • Print Competition Judging at international competition multiple years at WPPI and in and Great Britain




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Recent Posts


Pink Peony Oil Painting 12×12

It’s almost time for these incredibly beautiful flowers to bloom. They are likely to be in bloom already in some regions. I have an Itoh Peony. It’s a cross between this classic style peony and a tree peony. It was a very expensive – a purchase I made a couple years ago. It was in a 5 gallon container at the nursery full of blooms and so very beautiful. I decided I wanted this plant in my life. Since that time it has not yet exhibited the beauty I saw. Even that first season, it went into transplant shock when I moved it to a much larger container. That ended is blooms. The following year, there was a hard rain each day through it’s blooming season and the blooms were pummelled. Last year, for unknown reasons, the blooms were few and only mediocre. At this time, the foliage of my Itoh appears dense and very healthy giving rise to great optimism. This could be the year of flourish I’ve been waiting for.

The flowers of the Itoh look different from those of the classics peonies. The Itoh just has a different look. You might want to look it up. I will show you mine when in bloom.

It’s a very complicated process to paint these densely petaled flowers, but once one suffers through the process, one feels so accomplished – it ALMOST feels worth it. Hope you’re having a wonderful beginning of spring. Winifred

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