Taking Chances

Impressionistic Peach Roses with Fruit 12×16 Oil Painting on Panel by Winifred

 I place a high value on taking chances.  In fact, I don’t really believe taking chances is a risk, I believe the risk occurs if you don’t. If I choose a safe path, one I believe will keep me from “messing up my painting, for sure this will inhibit my growth.  I’m thinking now about  thoughts which went through my mind with these two paintings – both of which presented me with opportunities to “mess up” – but I took a chance anyway.

I don’t find it particularly difficult “to paint what I see” from a reference photo or from a still life I set up.  For the most part, however, my interest is not realistic paintings  – except portraits.  I’m interested in “interpreting” or abstracting away from realistic visual references. This is much more interesting and exciting for me.

I find this more challenging because it means, I have to “make up things that aren’t there”.  I have to eliminate part of the content which is there. I have to create elements, colors, textures which are not present.  I have to make up brushstrokes which alter the surface of my reference.  I might “mess up” – I often think as I commence some of my more abstracted or elaborate processes!  This thought regularly enters my mind and I have to pause to “talk” to my mind about it.  “You can’t mess up” –  I tell my mind. In fact, I tell my mind that imagining/abstracting new content – new ways to express the elements being observed “ is its only job” – and the only way to build new skills, confidence and creativity – no matter the outcome!  

 I want to have ideas – receive ideas but to try not to tightly control the process expression.  By doing this with each painting – even in small steps, I know my creativity and confidence grows.  I believe both of the above paintings are examples of being a bit “out of control”. It doesn’t even matter whether they’re good paintings or not. The only thing that really matters to me is that I tried something new which caused some discomfort and I did it anyway. I hope to continue this practice throughout this new year.  

I think the saying is – “feel the fear and do it anyway! 2020!!

12 thoughts on “Taking Chances

  1. Hi Winifred,
    A good read! The chances you took on these new paintings are appreciated as is the lesson. I will apply it to my photography this year.Thank you.
    Your courage to step out of the lines brings an excitement to each painting for me.
    The bolder brightness and brush strokes of one and darker color shades introduced to blue in the other.

    Thumbs up on your updated communication format.

    • Thank you Betsy! I enjoy exploring color and texture and allowing for a bit of the unexpected to shine through. Indeed one can apply this concept to photography. There are so many ways to see and interpret our world. I apply “taking chances” to my life as well!!! Have a lovely day. Winifred

  2. I Love the way that you use color in bold and new ways. The paint splatters have always been a favorite of mine. I admire the way people use them and seek to learn from them.

    I actually gave all my wet paint to my sister, I paint digitally now as my only outlet. I was not free enough to splish, splash and carry on and thought the stuff I did was not good enough or pretty enough. It was hard to continue. I am glad you fought through that.

    Perhaps someday I will buy more paint and slash around again, it is my hope.

    • Thank you Nancy and I enjoyed your comment. The point is, when we want to splash around – what is there to loose? Plus, there is so much more to gain – experience and building confidence. For sure I feel awkward about throwing paint around – but I did it anyway and even like the results – a great complimentary pop of color!! So long as your happy with your current creativity – just stay there and have fun!

  3. Hi Winifred, I really like the idea of taking chances and creating with risk. I can see it bringing opportunities that would allow further spontaneous considerations or exploration. A wonderful way of extending learning with surprises and gems. I will try keeping this in mind when I start my next series of paintings. I intend to be more relaxed and possibly less intense with my work.
    Still love and enjoy seeing your work.
    Kindest thoughts and wishes to you.

    • Hi Suzanne, Thank you for your comment. Yes, I know you would like to tightly control the process, but as you said, you miss the opportunity of some unanticipated “gems”. I think now will always struggle with that – I do, but I choose not to let it stop me. Before I do these scary things, I do allow my painting to dry to touch which allows some possibility of wiping off or modifying a paint layer if I really need to. Even if I couldn’t do that, It’s worth the risk to me. I look forward to seeing your work in the near future.

      I feel such sadness at the loss of so many of Australia’s animal life and other losses. Warmly, Winifred

  4. Love the peach roses! It brightened my morning as soon as I saw it. Your first painting was very good. Loved how it looks like the sun is shining on the bowl of fruit and the stems of the fruit are reaching for the sun.

    I’m with you on your 2020 quest!

    • Thank you Nancy. You said you like Impressionist Art. I love the peach and blue combination.

      I’ve cut a board and covered it with Linen – for that long narrow frame you returned. Soon I will commence my first landscape, from a photo I took while in Venice.

      I hope your trip becomes more interesting each day. W

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