Window Light

Window Light Oil Painting 8×8 on Panel – by Winifred

Recently, I’ve been thinking about painting an abstract background into which I would incorporate my focus subject matter – in this case flowers. Although I had never done this before, I thought it something I could do and would enjoy doing – in addition creating it as impasto. I decided to stop thinking about it and to hop to it! This was done from imagination. I am very pleased with the results and will certainly do more painting in this style in the future. I love this color palette as well. Hope you enjoy. Please let me know. Winifred

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12 thoughts on “Window Light

  1. How beautiful! Love the colors and the technique. I’m glad you finally did it.

    • Thank you Nancy. It was fun.
      Hope you are enjoying those walks! Winifred

  2. Sorry I don’t always comment. I seem to be very busy and unproductive at the same time.

    I love this painting, the colors and the style.

  3. Hi Betsy,
    Please don’t worry about commenting. You’re just as welcome whether you comment or not. Many have never commented. They are important here just the same. I’m glad you like it. I do too. Winifred

    • Thank you Kimber. It’s an interesting look which I’ll explore more. I’ve just figured out how to paint that style of background – perhaps beginners luck that it worked out. New and exciting! What are you doing art wise? I hope you and your family are doing well. Winifred

  4. I like Window Light! It’s like the light in my apartment on winter mornings. The orangey yellow flowers come from the market down the street. They are lamp glow in the evening after the light fades and chunky shadows settle.

    • Thank you Brenda. Your reply is lovely and poetic – I can visualize that which you described. Thank you for that as well. Winifred

  5. I love the texture brought by the impasto technique. Everything you’ve painted from imagination, and I have seen, is all the more interesting and beautiful. The roses have such depth and the background is compelling.

    • Thank you Maria. It’s interesting that most of the flowers which I paint now from imagination – look like roses. I don’t know why this is happening and in this painting, each flower head is only two dabs of paint – one orange, one yellow!! and thanks for the encouragement – I’ll try to stay more with imagination – it’s fun, creative and I’m comfortable with it. Winifred

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