Colorful Abstract Floral

I hope this painting brings you a bit of cheer today!

Colorful Abstract Floral 12×12 Impasto Oil Painting by Winifred

My paintings have a life of their own, no matter what I have in mind – but I love the process of getting wherever I’m going. This was fun and I certainly enjoy the color, the shapes and the texture. I can also find fault with this painting. I pointed out to a friend who saw it, that there might be too much difference between the painting style of the flowers and that of the very modern and abstract style of the remainder of the painting. Fortunately, she disagreed. She thinks it’s perfect!! I was considering scraping off the vase and painting a more traditional vase. I reserve the right to do so in the future if it REALLY starts to bother me. You might think, why not just change the style of the flowers? Well, the flowers are far more complex to paint than a vase – that’s why!

I recently made quite a bit of the product I mixed with my paint to get this texture. I have 3 different formulas left to try – though you likely wouldn’t notice the difference in them. So, you’ll likely see lots of impasto in the near future.

I’m planning on painting something very bazaar this week. I’ve done a loose sketch. We’ll see how it goes. Meanwhile have a great week. Winifred

10 thoughts on “Colorful Abstract Floral

  1. Yes, I like this one a lot!! Great combination of colors, shapes, textures. It does make me smile!. Merci Winifred.Thank you for your day brightener

    • Hi Brenda, It is my pleasure to make you smile. I miss that. It would be great to connect to your blog on life and travel. If you have a new link, please email it to [email protected] or the address in this site. Hope your increasing mobility in France is working out. Have a wonderful day. Winifred

    • Thank you very much Betsy. Like you, I feel a celebration when I view it. Hope all is well with you work and family. Winifred

  2. Hi Winifred – just wanted to comment on how much I like all your work. Have followed your blog for some time and your paintings are fabulous. Always enjoy the colors and textures. This image fits right in with all the rest!

    • Thank you so much Syd and welcome! I will never know who follows my blog but all are welcome. I see that you provide a link. I will take a look soon. Winifred

  3. Spectacular colors and composition. I only wish I could see the painting in all its depth firsthand. Please continue. Your paintings are marvelous.

    • Thank you Maria and I appreciate your continuous support. I would very much like for you to see them firsthand as well. Maybe some day!

  4. I love the vase just as it is 🙂 and the flowers are perfect too .. the colors are marvelous!!! Very bright and cheerful!!! Brightened my day & mood immediately!!!

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