Impasto Still Life

Impasto Sunflowers Oranges Grapes – Oil Painting by Winifred Whitfield

I haven’t done a palette knife impasto painting in quite a long while. You can probably look at this and imagine the fun. I’m sure there’s some rule about not mixing impasto with smooth shiny and realistic elements, as I did by including the painting style of the grapes but I did it anyway. The purple grapes in particular look absolutely edible and I was not going to change that for consistency sake. I’m a proponent for not being consistent anyway. It’s too boring a concept. I’ve noticed over time that when I paint still lifes which include flowers and fruit, my favorite part of the painting is the lower half. I do love painting fruit. I think it’s the variety of shapes colors and textures in close proximity. As well I enjoy painting vases. I painted the vase texture from imagination. No doubt, there will soon be a still life painting with no flowers! Hope you enjoy! Winifred

8 thoughts on “Impasto Still Life

  1. Love it. Reminds me of summer in France! I think the mixture of styles works very well.

    • Summer in France! I get what you mean – the textures of the buildings in the countryside. Thank you Nancy. Winifred

  2. Looks awesome!!! I love how it makes my eye travel around and notice every detail everywhere!!!

    • Thank you Barbara. Glad you like the design and pleased it allows your eyes to travel throughout. Winifred

  3. I love the combination of styles. I like all the variety in textures including the vase. It’s a lovely painting.

    • Thanks Betsy. Weird combinations,indeed, wouldn’t bother you at all. I think it’s fun. Winifred

  4. I always love your sunflowers and these are particularly vivid. Your work with the palette knife brings such perfect texture and I agree with Elizabeth. The combination of styles works beautifully.

  5. Thank you Maria. Still working to gain mastery with that palette knife – I’ve been told a “painting knife” but enjoying the process. Glad you enjoy that combination of textures. I just bet there’s a rule against it somewhere! Winifred

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