Winifred Whitfield Painting from Imagination

In this digital environment, we have so many options available to us in how we create paintings.  We can clone and take information and color from an underlying image, while retaining the ability to add new information, brushstrokes and unique creativity.  We can paint on top of an image, smoothing, blending, changing texture and color.  Creating custom work for my clients, the above two options are the best choices for retaining some degree of likeness and these are certainly the best options for  most photographers who cannot paint. And then there is the process of painting from imagination and one needs to be able to paint to do this.

With this process I visualize an image – even if only a starting point and I start painting.  I have no sketch, no photo to look at, no still life set before me.  It is so liberating.  It is an exploration. It is fun.  That is how the paintings below were born recently.   If at the end of a painting, I look at it and feel nothing –  is it brings me no joy or has no power or impact, I simply delete it.  The time and effort os never wasted. There is nothing to loose.  If you are interested in learning to paint in any of the ways, I described, please send an inquiry so I can determine how I can assist you.

And  below one of my all time favorites, and featured before in the post “doodling”

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