From Photo to Painting

As you know, I  derive great pleasure in taking a photo which appeals to me and making it a painting.  To the extent you can visual the  final Painting – or at least come close, you are all the better for it. Your workflow and process will go more smoothly.  I was fascinated by this architecture. I decided that I wanted to give the image more space so I enlarged the canvas area and extended the sky and water.  From that, I could make a sketch and begin to paint adding and removing elements,  and adjusting colors as the painting evolved.

Original Photo

A Sketch  Can be Made in Painter or Photoshop

Final Painting with Additional Texture Layer Applied

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1 thought on “From Photo to Painting

  1. I love this and how you added the texture layer.  I have been watching several artists who do fine art as you do, and they add texture.  Did you do it in PS or Corel, both are good for composites. 

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