RENOIR Inspired Part 2 is Now Available at Digital Art Academy

Renoir Part 2 became available July 10th at Digital Art Academy.  You may register for this course, download the instructional resources and work at your pace. Below is the course content preview.

During Renoir Part 2, we will add a different style of brush work.  Our new brush category is “Renoir Bristles”, brushes which create a more transparent,  sometimes scratchy, expressive brush stroke. If you choose, you might add brush work from your Impressionist dabs category as well. There are tutorials which support you in more complex paintings using the Ultimate Impressionist Brush Category. It’s Summer and this means having fun and as always painting your way! 

Renoir Part 1 is also available.


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Van Gogh Inspired

Hello Everyone,

Yet another exciting artistic journey awaits you… class begins March 14th “Van Gogh Inspired”. But don’t bother to read below – for more info – just watch the 5 minute video. To Register, click here.

During  Lesson 1 you will be introduced to or you will gain more familiarity with Impasto brushes and you will learn to make adjustments to Impasto Brushes. You will learn more about the life and art of Van Gogh. You will increase the expressiveness of your brush strokes and unleash your creativity.

In addition to exploring brushes, you will paint a simple Van Gogh Inspired Painting. This might be a sunflower or any object you like.

You may use impasto brushes or regular opaque brushes.  I have gathered several great impasto brushes made by Karen Bonaker, Skip Allen and David Gell as well as Painter defaults. My Impasto brush variants  are included as well. The Impasto brush collection,  is large and in case it is overwhelming, I created a small collection as well – I paint using a small collection created from my favorites. I suggest you create a custom palette of your favorites.  I find this very helpful. If you want some of the originals brush categories, I suggest you explore Painter’s Impasto brushes or download from Skip’s Blog, Skip Allen Paints (Thick Paints and/or Bristle Dabs) and from David Gell’s Jitter Brush Site (Living Impasto).

During lesson 2 you will paint a still life. A collection of reference images have been included which you can sketch.

 During lesson 3 you will paint or draw a portrait. Again, references photos to sketch/trace have been provided.



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Modigliani Inspired Coming Soon to Digital Art Academy – Winifred Whitfield, Instructor

Hello Everyone,

What a busy time of the year! It is exhausting. It is a good thing I have painting to relax me. It is a hard time of the year for many and for so many different reasons – so hold them in your heart.  I wish everyone the best holiday season possible. It is  time to be grateful, to give and to reflect.

-Happy Holidays  from Winifred

During the past week, painting is the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing at night. I am preparing for my upcoming class at Digital Art Academy (DAA)  “MODIGLIANI INSPIRED” and I always like to  create several examples of the artist I am presenting. Before I introduce you to the painting style of an artist, I like to have a grasp on it myself –  I love what my new classes bring to me as well –  absolute joy and discovery.  DAA is closed at the moment for the holidays and transferring to a new server but keep this class in mind and I hope you will join me then, I will post additional info. Registration should open just after the first of the year. Class begins January 17th.

DAA Modiigliani - Winifred Whitfield

In  the above image I painted 3 inspired Modigliani images. This image represents lessons I have planned for you. However, during the second and third lesson, you will have the flexibility to paint what you like. You may paint a portrait in all three lessons if you so choose, a cityscape, a street scene, trees or a pet – but in an Modigliani inspired style..


Amedo cover revisedDuring the first tutorial,  I will discuss Modigliani’s life and his art. Throughout his life he was ill and without sufficient money. His paintings and sculptures  now sell up to $50 Million to $70 Million with a recent painting being the top seller at a London Christy’s auction, topping the sales of a Picasso.

BRITAIN-ENTERTAINMENT-ART-AUCTIONSold for $42,000.000.00 – 2013

I have been creating freehand sketches for you to use if you like, and gathering photos you might want to sketch from.  Below, I used this photo to create a quick hand sketch to paint.  As before, I have created more than enough tutorials and demos.

WW photo to sketch MODI

I am enjoying  creating  Modligiani inspired practice paintings of the long, twisted bodies and the hollow eyes.  As I have continued with my paintings, I have incorporated  some of his style elements into my style and that’s what it’s about anyway.  We want to take inspiration from this artist to bring to our work.  We will never paint like Modigliani, nor should we want.

Winifred Whitfield Modigliana Tutortial

Above is another  inspired painting you will watch me sketch freehand and then paint. It is actually painted as a demo of  the brush set included. I simply got carried away!

Well, all the best to you, your family and loved ones – now and throughout the year. If you have any questions please contact me. Cheers, Winifred Whitfield






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Matisse Inspired – In Conclusion


Hi Everyone,

Don’t you hate to feel this pause in our adventure!!  It will continue you know – in one form or another.

My news is that I am going to be consistently more active with my blog – especially if you sign up for it  – in the upper right corner of my Home Page.  You will only need to enter your email address to affirm that you want to be a subscriber. Then wait for my Blog Post  “every now and then”. You will not be overwhelmed with post for sure! There will be a very nice gift emailed to the first 15  who subscribe, so  “don’t delay – subscribe today” !!

Info will be provided on by blog beyond that which is posted on my Youtube channel.  If you are not a Youtube subscriber to my channel, please do so as well.  I have 60 or more videos with about 700 subscribers – and growing.  Winifred’s Youtube Channel

Winifred - Matisse Inslired

One last Painting.  The title on the cover of the video below is misleading  – this video is not a discussion about the course.  After it was recorded, uploaded, downloaded and a few other  complicated maneuvers required to post it here, I noticed that I had not removed the text  which was appropriate elsewhere – it was too late – no more!!  This video is the recording of a painting which you have not seen – I don’t think –  it also shows a few of my Matisse inspired paintings

Creating a Painting from Photo Sketch 2

 For those of you who were not in the course, it was offered at Digital Art Academy where I am an instructor.  Please check them out.  Set up an account and browse through the many course offerings available.  This course will be available again soon as “Open Enrollment”, allowing you to  download all course content and to work at your own pace.


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