The Goblet and the Drop Cloth

Goblet and Drop Cloth 16×12 BW Oil Painting by Winifred Whitfield

Drop cloths covered furniture to protect it while I prepared new panels for paintings. The drop cloths have an interesting character which allow it to hold folds and planes as opposed to soft gathers or draping effects. I felt strongly it would make a great background for my still life box set up. It would only require that I cut my drop cloth which I was reluctant to do. After I dismantled my protective use of the drop cloths, I folded them, each 9×12 feet, and put them away. However, my inner voice kept nagging me. It too knew I needed a piece of that drop cloth for use in my studio. I returned to their storage place, unfolded one of the drop cloths and made a 30 inch by 9 ft cut. I then cut that in half such that I now have two. Excitedly, I took one of my 2 halves to my studio and virtually tossed it across the back of my still life setup. Because of the stiffness of the backdrop, As I thought, it id easy and interesting to manipulate. I reminds me of the appearance of white table cloths in Cezanne’s paintings – though this is not what he used. I can also paint one side a different color. In fact I can have each of 4 sides a different color. So the fact is – I love it. I had recently pulled a white goblet from my cabinet. It was just there – nearby, waiting to be put away. I placed the goblet on the new background drop cloth. I turned my new spot light on. WOW! I thought it was so sculptural, so interesting. I took a quick I phone photo to isolate the image. It was good so I took 10 more photos – thinking I could go one better. The fact is, I like that first shot best and that’s what I painted.

Now you see why this painting is black and white only. There was a strong pull to add a spot of color – one red strawberry perhaps, but decided it was fine just as it is. I did use lots of juicy thick paint which is giving me great texture. A fun painting inspired by a painter drop cloth. That doesn’t happen everyday for sure. Hope you enjoy. Winifred

10 thoughts on “The Goblet and the Drop Cloth

  1. This painting with the shades of grey makes me think of sculpture, something ancient. Very intriguing.

    • Thanks Betsy. I agree. I see it as very sculptural. I enjoyed “carving it”. W

  2. The silken nature to the drop cloth gives such a luxurious quality to the entire painting. Black and white can produce such drama, as evident in your work.

    • Thank you Maria. I find the drop cloth to have a delicacy in its appearance also. So interesting since it’s origin is just the opposite. W

  3. Stunning! The shape of the chalice is gorgeous! Overall very aesthetically pleasing =) Keep the masterpieces coming!

    • Thank you Tanner.I appreciate your comment. Happy to have you aboard. Winifred

    • Thank you very much Isabelle. Great to hear from you and hope you are very well. Winifred

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