Beside the Pond

Girl By The Pond 12×16 Oil Painting by Winifred Whitfield

Hope everyone is having a great New Year. I came upon the reference image for this painting recently and and knew I wound enjoy painting such a classic and somber pose. I particularly loved the curve of of her neck and body. I did exaggerate and alter colors a bit.

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Three Faces

Native American Woman Strong Oil Painting 9×12 by Winifred Whitfield

Today, I’m giving you more paintings and fewer words. I think it’s a good trade.

Caucasian Teenager Looking Forward – Oil Painting 9×12 by Winifred Whitfield

Little Girl

Bi-racial Girl with Curls – 12×12 Oil Painting by Winifred Whitfield

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Winifred’s Paintings of Italy

Among the most beautiful countries in the world.

The world may not have needed my landscapes and portrait creations  – but I created  them anyway.  I was there in 2008 and I am still selecting  and painting images from that trip.  I must say that the beautiful light Italy is known for hid itself during the days I was there. It was overcast and the light was very  flat for the most part. It is fortunate that we now have such excellent software to pull out image detail and fortunate again for me that I can paint. I am including here a collection of  mainly of paintings but a couple of my favorite enhanced photos as well. If you have not visited Italy, I hope these  paintings and photos encourage you to do so.

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Winifred Whitfield Displays Portrait Paintings at Port Ludlow Bay Club

Winifred Displays Portrait Paintings

This is a display of 30   large  beautifully framed portrait paintings. the display opened November 10th and will remain on exhibit until December 2nd.  It has been very well received with many visitors being curious about the process of creating digital art.  The fact is that they cannot discern any difference between my portrait paintings created electronically and those created with traditional media.

The following are some of the newest pieces to be included in my collection:


Beggar in Italy

Mother and Child

Here’s to You

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Winifred’s Flower Girls

For Every Season there is a Flower Girl

I created a project for myself recently. I created my very own version of flower girls. Like anything, it was fun and lots of work. I have completed 7 of the 8 images I want in this collection but I will wait not longer to show them.  I hope you enjoy. please respond to the question at the bottom of the page.








Flowers from every season are very beautiful.  Which flower is your favorite?


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