Winifred’s Paintings of Trees

I find it very interesting to see my paintings of trees since 2006. This is not something I have ever focused on exclusively though there are a few stand alone tree digital Paintings. Some of the trees simply exist within the context of a painting but they are so varied, I thought I would put this group together to share with you. The variety of styles in which I paint  is amazing – even to me.

My very first digital painting is a girl in a swing in a tree created in 2006 after my first Painter digital painting workshop. I am certainly not bragging about it’s sophistication but I still enjoy it.  I managed to use vibrant complimentary colors and to inject energy movement, texture and fun.


First Digital Painting 2006

Bride Amongst Trees 2006

Painting using photo reference created in Photoshop.  When I saw the giant dogwood in bloom in Manhasset NY, I knew this was the spot.

A 300 year old Oak tree was the reference image for this commissioned painting  also painted in Photoshop.

This from imagination using selections and pattern fills in Painter

Picking Apples

Shadow Play

The Plaza

In the Garden

Cypress Trees

Village – in Photoshop

10 Minute Sketch – Spring

Just doodling  and testing brushes – Amazing what can happen.

They don’t all work but love the texture.

Commissioned  Original – She wanted a Tree of Life

10 minute Painting Sketch

The Sunflower Tree – An all time favorite!

Dancing Trees

Trees and Shrubs – Painted with Patterns

Imaginary Farm

Heavy with Leaves

Kneeling Boughs



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Painting Painting Painting

Painting More and More … if this is possible.

The Portrait Tutorial Store goes well and I even have an Fine Art Gallery online now. It has been a very busy several months.  My happy place however is painting.  I experiment quite a bit with my painting.  I work with and explore many different styles of work. I am not sure there are names for some of these styles. they are winifred.  I am considered a versatile painter and indeed this is true for now.

This is a painting I created recently. I have included the sketch, an image of the blocking in phase and the finished painting.  All of this is done digitally in Corel Painter 12.2. It is absolutely amazing what we can now create.

Please visit my fine art gallery – just click – Art Gallery





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Painting Italian Street Scenes 2

Focusing  on Perspective

I chose this image to paint. It has strong leading lines and a lovely outdoor cafe.

I simplified the structure as shown in the diagram below.

Determining the horizon line is not scientific but one was chosen along

A vanishing point was also identified.

This is the final painting.

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Winifred Painting Street Scenes

A new 4 week class has begun with the Digital Art Academy focused on painting street scenes. We were all given the same reference image and allowed  total artistic  flexibility in how we developed our paintings from the image.  It was wonderful to see the range of artistic expression amongst all in the class.  Off course no one else  painted  people in  different clothing nor created duotone paintings.  I think I have been watching too many historic European movies.

This is  the reference photo used.

This was my interpretation as a painting.

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Let’s Make A difference in 2012

How do we move forward in 2012?

It doesn’t have to be profound and if history is any validation those resolutions do not work.   Personally I believe in a couple of things.  One is intention.  For me, it is my intention to be not a good painter but a great painter.  What do the dance or piano virtuosos do?  They practice, practice. practice – 8. 10, 12 hours per day.  The fact is that on most days I do that too.  I love to paint so it is not a chore.  I have a small but high end clientele.  the high end does not necessarily mean they are all wealthy but they want great work and my higher end products.  They can see the difference in what I provide as opposed to other products available to the.  I truly care about the art I create for my clients. whether it be personal portrait art or another product I value, which is creating business portraits for distinguished women in my community.  I give my clients the best of me and I work to make that happen.

Back to baby steps and practice.   Yes, most days, I spend 8 to 16 hours at my computer either creating a client painting or just practicing.  I go through different paint brushes I have  collected.  I make marks on paper, I try a brush with different papers because this will determine the look of the stroke.  Often I just doodle.  You have seen some of my doodles in previous post.  Well I have more today.  I start with a blank canvas.  I can do no wrong because it is simply a practice  but it begins to set in my head what various brush/paper combinations looks  so that when I am actually working, I know just how to use my tools.   I am a firm believer in building my tool kit.   This image is the result of tonight’s doodling.  It’s trees again in a pastoral environment.  I must miss my farm, I seem  to keep recreating a similar environment in my images.  Rolling hills, a 100 year old farm house,  apple trees. I started making marks tonight and this is what happened.

I love the thick impasto brushes with all the texture this gives.

In the image above I used various brushes by Skip Allen in his thick impasto brush set.

This skill building does not occur over night for any of us.  It is a journey.  And for me, with or without a photo, I love to paint. Little by little, day by day we learn. In my workshops, I always explain you can get started now and in a couple of years, you will likely be creating some pretty nice digital paintings or you can not get started and in a couple of years you will still have no clue how to make the Paint software sing.  So, just get started.  Even with baby steps, slowly but surely, you will start to see the results you want.

What ever your intention, stay focused and practice – you will achieve results – guaranteed.  Happy New Year and may all of your intentions come to fruition.

Again, just playing with brushes.

This is by no means a great image.  I simply  went looking for brushes which might simulate the appearance of fireworks. I went through all the brushes in the set tonight.  I have not had them very long. This was the point of the exercise – just to see.

I used David Gells, sparkling glo brush from his Concept Glo Brush Set for the fire works,  and Skip Allens Gold brushes for the gold border – I referred you to those in a previous blog.

Well, that’s it for 2011.  I wish you a very happy, accomplished and prosperous 2012.  Winifred

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Just Doodling

Doodling is taking on a different look for me.  Last night I was playing with various paper and brush combinations in Corel Painter 12 – just making marks and taking my color from gradient mode using some of the new gradients I have recently created. I was just making marks starting with some of the darker tones – they were my newest gradients and some gold tones.  Soon I started to see trees.

I had no painting in mind, so I continued with my marks, adding a bit of green – a little park, perhaps, I thought, and so it went until this little image complete trees and sky and creek and sunlight was born.  I am not concerned about whether it is good or not.  I had fun and it is a different kind of painting for me to do.  That’s enough.  Hope you  enjoy.

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Winifred Whitfield Displays Portrait Paintings at Port Ludlow Bay Club

Winifred Displays Portrait Paintings

This is a display of 30   large  beautifully framed portrait paintings. the display opened November 10th and will remain on exhibit until December 2nd.  It has been very well received with many visitors being curious about the process of creating digital art.  The fact is that they cannot discern any difference between my portrait paintings created electronically and those created with traditional media.

The following are some of the newest pieces to be included in my collection:


Beggar in Italy

Mother and Child

Here’s to You

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Sunflowers for Always

I have finally gotten around to painting my sunflowers.  Sunflowers are very high on my “favorites” list. Like many if my favorite images I just hold onto them until they tell me how they want to be portrayed.

This is the first one that I painted using new impasto brushes I downloaded from Skip Allen which he calls “Bristle Dabs”.  These electronic brushes are free and available to use without restriction.  It was the first time I painted with impasto styled brushes which give the great texture and loft to the brush stroke.  I love the texture throughout the image.

I followed this painting with a painting of a different sunflower – a little more “Charlie Brown” looking but  I enjoy it also.

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A Treasure from Florence

Treasures come in many forms. I took a photo when Florence in 2007.  For the past years I kept it. When ever I looked through my files I paused to re experience the moment. I also knew this image was special – it had a story to be told, it was to be special. It was only recently that I knew what this image was to become. I painted it. This lady will never know it but now she will live forever as a very special piece of art.

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