Winifred Whitfield Featured Artist at ChocMo’s Grand Opening

Staying in Motion

Some wise person ~ I forgot who ~  said to  ” stay in motion”.  Some might think this includes  just “spinning your wheels, digging deeper and going no where, but I have never found this to be the case for me. I think Peter Crabtree would agree. He stays in motion also.  A friend of mine, Bonita Doerkson suggested that we have a glass of wine one evening.  “Let’s go to ChocMo” she said – “it’s just opening.”   For a glass of wine – no problem for me.  I entered this new space – only open for 3 days at the time – at least as the newly expanded and renamed place that is is.  Many know the previous and smaller version CBC.  I never really knew what it was. I knew it had something to do with chocolates but this is not one of my addictions – as it is for most.  I found this new environment lovely.  It was elegant.  I liked it’s spaciousness, the textures and color of  the wood used and the color of the walls and furniture.   It was so me!

It was a quiet evening so we had the opportunity to visit with Peter Crabtree, it’s owner.  I also had the opportunity to hear his story and his vision for this  altered and expanded venture.  Many know the story of Peter’s beginnings with chocolates in high school only 6 years ago.  He was taking a culinary class and had the opportunity to make chocolates – the kind with the hard outside and the soft center.  Peter was immediately fascinated with this.  He began to make and sell chocolates after school, then at the farmer’s markets, then had the small retail space just next to the State Liquor  store in Poulsbo  … and now … introducing ChocMo.

The much bigger, much fancier, expanded version of Peter’s dream

Now it is much more than chocolates.  I ask Peter that night what he was going to do with all of those blank walls.  “I want to feature a new artist each month” he replied.    Well, we figured this out in only and instant and he did not have much longer that that before his “Grand Opening would occur about 10 days away.  If I can respond at all, I can normally respond at great speed.  I brought one load of my beautifully framed portraits back that night, and the next load a couple of days later.   Creating a professional looking installation of about 30 large pieces was another matter and for this I went to Derek Gundy, quite and excellent artist himself who manages Artist Edge in Poulsbo.

Winifred’s portrait exhibit and the environment Peter created are beautiful together.

The portraits will be in place through the end of May. They will then be transported and exhibited in Columbia Bank in Port Ludlow, WA  during the month of June.



And then there was the GRAND Opening  on April 30th and what a day it was.








A good and a very delicious time was had by all.

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Women’s Business Portraits

Effective Communication

Whether for women or men, business portraits are a form of communication – they are to convey a message.  I focus on this when creating a portrait for a business client.  We discuss the intention of the image during our consultation. My question is “how do you want your viewer to feel when they view your image?” The most frequent responses include, approachable but confident, take charge, empathetic, consoled, leadership, trust, friendly.  I am interested in creating very flattering portraits, but I want the images to convey an attitude, and a feeling when viewed, I want to create communication which is effective.

The following are a few professional portraits for women, which I created recently:

Dee Cappola, Editor, “Westsound Home & Garden Magazine”

Debra Keene Bergeron “Debra KB Properties Inc”


Beverly Hooks, Fine Artist, Writer, Poet

AnnaLee Todd

EHT Enterprises – Construction

These are but a few of the professional business portraits we have created for competent

professionals who understand the power of their IMAGE.

Can you feel what they  are saying?

View more Power Women

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Winifred Whitfield in LONDON 2011

Winifred in London

I traveled to London January 12, 2011  to  conduct workshops at the annual Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers Convention and trade show.

Exciting enough as that was, it was also the day that I finally closed on the sale of my Poulsbo, Washington farm.  It had been a 3 year process.

I guess London was what you might expect  –  beautiful and raining.  On this trip, however, I ventured

a bit further from the convention center than I had the prior year.  This trip was special because

Michelle Rumney met me and guided me on my adventure. Michelle is a fine artist painter and has a coaching business

Room at the Edge. She currently lives in London.

Michelle Rumney

Portrait painting of Michelle Rumney, lit by natural light coming from the courtyard of the Westminster Abbey,

London. January 13,2011 She ask me what I wanted to do. I told her that on this brief trip, if I could only visit

Westminster Abbey, I would be happy. So, that was our point of destination.

Westminster Abbey

Armed with my Canon G9, I also set about taking photos like any self respecting tourist.

It was painful to be in the magnificent Westminster Abbey and not be allowed to take photos.

Hence, I tried to soak up the experience with my thoughts, my feelings – my soul.


Lunch at Westminster Abbey

It was special at the end of our tour and headed out of the Abbey to see this long row of

school  children in uniform eating their lunch.

I knew instantly that ti would make for a interesting fine art image.


London Bus

An image of a big red London bus was a must have. The vivid colors were inspired by

a workshop I took from fine art  digital artist Marilyn Sholin – which is one of her trade marks.



I saw thss display in a small park and was fascinated by it.  these figures are made of stone and

the  display is called SILENCE


Ferris Wheel in London

You have no idea just how high  this ferris wheel loomed in the sky.  it was stunning!


As I returned from London, I was in the Vancouver BC Airport when suddenly before me

was a large tank of brightly colored Jellyfish. I think they were performing a ballet.


I also got to visit with other friends in London, David Hunt, a very talented internet media designer and

who designed this very website and also  and Claudia Crawley, owner of  Winning Ways Coaching.

It was s solidly good trip which I thoroughly enjoyed.

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Winifred and the Upside-Down-Machine

Well, this is indeed pretty unusual – me posting image of myself being silly.  However, I think it exactly the thing to do – not to take ones self too seriously.

Today there was a grand opening of Big Five. So, after having my fingernails done, I went there with a friend to celebrate and of course to have great snacks.  as we moved through the store, we spotted what I will call the “upside down machine”.  I was ready to play.  I didn’t know how to work things so we called for assistance.  A very pleasant young man came over to us.  When I previously indicated my interest to another lady, she said to me, ” I will have to get someone to adjust your feet into the machine so you don’t slip down and break you neck. I was happy  to have his assistance.  He adjusted the machine for my height. I then properly installed my feet, placed my arms on the arm rest and went backward.

45 degrees backward felt really good. Vertical was not very interesting.  At one point I exclaimed my perfect position.  Everyone laughed – turns out I was laying flat.

They told me that I only needed a hammock!  However, we were able to get a few fun and funny shots. It was a fun event.

I wish Big Five great success and I thank them for allowing us to have such an enjoyable time.

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Image and Artistry Workshop


Winifred Whitfield,  along with  Patrick Ciatto,  co instructor, conducted a  two day, hands on training session in  Seattle/ Poulsbo  area,  May 11th and 12th.  Day One included camera and lighting fundamentals taught by Patrick.  Day Two,  Winifred introduced Adobe Photoshop  camera raw work flow and creativity tools.  The day was sunny and warm and we had two beautiful women as models.  It was one of the most content rich photographic workshops  which has taken place  in the Seattle area.



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