Concept Artist Inspired Image

Allow Your Creativity to Soar

This was my  painting  yesterday.

Where does it all come from!

I like it.  It’s fun. Actually I was inspired by some of the concept artist – illustrators  who design for games and other animation.  This was my  twist on it.

Can you believe  even that the necklace was painted.  No photo here.  I have great brushes which do not come with Corel Painter – which allow me to create a painting like this – brushes created by David Gell

I never fully  envisioned this.  I just start with the sketchiest of an idea and keep putting one foot in front of the other following my inner guide.  If I had known what I was doing from the beginning, it would not take so long.

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“Gold and Glitter” has been discovered in Corel Painter

Just in time for the holidays, Karen Bonaker and Skip Allen instructors at the Digital Art Academy have joined forces and have created  custom “Gold” painter brushes to glitter and dazzle us. They are truly  amazing. It is a wonderful way to embellish your cards or other art work.  Below is an example of an image I had in my files the before and after of adding gold.   Pretty amazing impact – I would say.

You may have these Custom Corel Painter Brushes for FREE

by registering at PainterTalk

Instructional videos will accompany them.

Brushes by Skip Allen and David Gell

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